Home Heating

There’s nothing like a warm home in winter, and there’s nothing worse than the heating breaking down!

Agas Plumber offer maintenance and servicing to your existing system to help prevent the inconvenience and discomfort of finding yourself with no heating.

We can also replace/ upgrade your gas heater if it is uneconomical to repair or if you have an old low star rating appliance.

Appliance types covered include:

  • Ducted heating brands include Braemar Brivis Vulcan and Stadt
  • Hydronic heating include Baxi Bosch Sime Parsons
  • Wall furnaces and space heater Brands Include Braemar Vulcan Jetmaster etc
  • We work on most brands, so if you have a brand not mentioned, please call for advice


If the worst does happen and you are left with a cold home, Agas carries a wide range of spare parts to offer a repair as swiftly as possible. Give Agas Plumber a call on 0431 217 164 for responsive repairs to your gas heater problems.

Energy Bill Looking High?

Looking to save costs on your energy bills? Agas Plumber can review your family’s needs and recommend the right system for you. Whether it’s an upgrade of an existing system or a conversion of fuel sources, Agas Plumber can help. Get in touch to discuss your options.

Gas Safety

Remember that it’s important to have a licenced gas fitter with a Carbon Monoxide detector to service your gas heater on a regular basis to check for the Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide.

Families with young children and elderly people are at particular risk and should schedule an annual service and carbon monoxide test before each winter use period.