Hot Water Heat Pumps

Why we install Reclaim Energy Heat Pumps

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest-class products that work efficiently in our cooler Victorian climate. Because not all heat pumps are the same, and running out of hot water isn’t fun… unless you enjoy a cold shower?

The Reclaim Energy CO² Heat Pump refrigerant works effectively in cooler temperatures therefore it does not have an electric resistance element to boost heat. However, if you need to boost your hot water, this can be done, by the one-shot booster button that brings on the efficient heat pump to heat up the tank for one cycle before reverting back to its consumer settings.

Reclaim Heat pump controller gives you the versatility to set the Heat Pump to get the best result out of your installation!

Settings are for:

  • Using PV generated electricity
  • From the grid and or Solar Battery 24/7
  • From the grid with the cheaper tariff night rate options if available
  • There is also a One Shot Boost manual button if you have a need for extra hot water.
  • Because the tank and Heat Pump are separates which provides versatility for installation in existing homes.

Curious to see how a Hot Water Heat Pump works?

Watch this quick 1 minute video.

Hot Water Heat Pump Rebates

Solar Victoria requires rebate applicants must use an authorised solar retailer and installer. Agas Plumber is an authorised retailer and Installer and therefore can, if you are eligible, assist you to get your point of sell rebates saving you money and making it less to pay upfront for your system. Here in Victoria, there is a potential of gaining 3 different rebates. STCs VEECs and The Solar Victoria Hot Water Rebate.

How do I find out what rebates I am eligible for?

Step 1: Contact us through this website to Get a quote.

Step 2: Check your eligibility.

Step 3: Get A Reclaim Heat Pump hot water Installed and start saving and helping the Environment too

Do I need to have a solar PV system installed to access the hot water rebate?

No, you can install any system on the Hot Water Approved Products list.

This means that households that have no available or suitable roof space to install PV or solar hot water, such as apartments and townhouses will still be able to access the program to install a heat pump hot water system.

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