Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that we are asked frequently by our clients. If it does not answer your question, please submit your enquiry to the contact form and we will contact you with an answer.

Do you specialise in all types of plumbing?

Agas Plumber specialise in the install upgrade and service of:

  • Hot Water Services – Electric, gas and solar
  • Heating – Ducted heating, hydronic heating, gas pool heaters and spa heaters
  • Cooling – Evaporative coolers and installation of split or ducted refrigerant air conditioning units
  • Other – gas appliance repairs, gas fitting lines, gas leaks, flue gas analyser, carbon monoxide (CO) detector, backflow testing and servicing
Which Gas Appliances spill Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into your home?

The following appliances may spill CO into your home:

  • Space heaters (inside the property)
  • Hot water services (inside the property)
  • All gas ducted heaters (inside; outside; in the roof space; under the property)
  • Hydronic boilers (indoor only)
  • Outside gas appliances, if installed incorrectly

If you have any of the above appliances, please get them checked regularly to ensure your home is safe from CO.

Do you need an electrician to work on Electric Hot Water Services?

You will need a licensed Electrical D Permit Holder.

Agas Plumber is a licensed Electrical D Permit Holder. We can repair or replace your hot water service without the need of an electrician in most cases.

Note, this does not mean we can do all the electrical work. Any work outside of the appliance will need to be undertaken by a qualified A-grade electrician.

Do you install solar?

Yes, we install all types of Solar Hot Water Services (SHWS), but not to be confused with photovoltaic solar panel cells that generate electricity.

SHWS are a great way to reduce your energy consumption, impact on climate change and save some money.

How do I install a pool heater?

Agas Plumber can help you install a gas pool heater. Gas pool heaters consume large amounts of gas compared to domestic appliances. They usually will need a completely new gas line from the heater, back to the gas meter.

If you’d like a quote, contact Agas Plumber directly.

How do I find out what rebates I am eligible for?

Step 1: Contact us through this website to Get a quote.
Step 2: Check your eligibility.
Step 3: Get A Reclaim Heat Pump hot water Installed and start saving and helping the Environment too.

Do I need to have a solar PV system installed to access the hot water rebate?

No, you can install any system on the Hot Water Approved Products list.

This means that households that have no available or suitable roof space to install PV or solar hot water, such as apartments and townhouses will still be able to access the program to install a heat pump hot water system.

Get Safe, Get Serviced.

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